Montag, Juni 04, 2012

Impressions from February

Nothing is better than a visit to the zoo and the greenhouses to bring some warmth, flowers and colours into those grey, cold and windy February days. 

I have to admit than  unlike the kids I like the greenhouses far better than all the animals. We are lucky to live close to the Wilhelma in Stuttgart which not only has lots of animals but also lots of greenhouses and landscaped gardens.

As Germany does not boast a tropical climate we have to resort to the zoo and greenhouses to enjoy some of the flowers that for some of you in South East Asia are nothing special at all.

The orchids were in full bloom and I was really happy that I got the kids interested in the flowers and plants by letting them choose the one which they find most beautiful. All the sudden they were really attentive and enthusiastic pointing out all the beautiful flowers.

The kids and me particularly enjoyed watching the Koi in the huge Koi pond in my favourite greenhouse. The shimmering colours of the Koi and their elegant movements kept us fascinated for a long time.
Watching those Koi makes me so relaxed and tranquil-I could watch them for hours. 

This one was my favourite one:

The Camelia were also in full bloom

When we left the greenhouses we stumbled upon a peacock

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