Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2012

Gorgeous Ojyu bag

For a long time I have only had one bento bag: my lovely Kimono Murasaki bag. But as Little One is claiming it as hers by now, always taking it to school I desperately needed a new bento bag to protect my dear bento boxes. I have been wanting and drooling over the gorgeous Ojyu bento bag from Bento&Co for over a year and now I finally had a perfect excuse to get it :-)

Actually I had been hesitating to order this drawstring bento bag because the picture on the Bento&Co shop made the the red drawstring and print look far too bright and off key with the red of my Ojyu box. And actually looking at my own picture it seems the camera never does the bag justice. But I needn't have worried: the red is much prettier and less bright than the pictures might suggest and perfectly matches my boxes.

I also was pleased with the quality of the bag: it is thick cotton and it also is bigger than my Kimono bag.
My Kimono bag measures 15x9cms but the Ojyu bag measures 20x10cms and perfectly fits my large Ojyu as well. Actually i wanted to take a picture of my kimono bag, but someone onec again has taken it to school:-)

I have quite a few furoshiki and I love them for taking pictures, but when it comes to safely carrying my bento in my really messy backpack I stiff find myself preferring bento bags.
After all I don't have an isothermal bag yet and I don't have a bento bag without any pattern yet. I really need to get a  black or pink one to match my boxes. Oh, and I need a white one for sure.

The colours and pattern are gorgeous-I cannot decide which line I love more the Kimono Murasaki one or the Ojyu one. But thing is for sure: I am madly in love with the whole Ojyu range. Maybe I should also get the round : I have already got the large Oyju box in red and the small Ojyu box in black and call it greedy, but I really feel that I need to get the large one in black as well. Oh bento boxes. Once you start there is no stopping you.
How do you carry your bentos? And what is your favourite bento bag or furoshiki? I need some inspiration as I am already thinking of what bento bag to get next.

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