Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2012

Bento #16-What a sneaky bento

There is something sneaky  and forbidden about this bento, can you guess what it is?
The bento features cheese feet, carrots, cucumbers, mandarin wedges, little sausages and two forbidden items. Actually it looks more colourful than usual. How did I achieve that? I  sneaked some blueberries into the box. I was hoping she might at least try them and that I could find some new fruit that she eats besides apples and mandarins-but I miserably failed.  When I opened her box in the evening she had eaten up everything,but not the blueberries they had died a lonely death-mushed up in her box all by themselves.

The second forbidden item actually isn't on the what Little One doesn't eat list, but on the contrary is really yummy. I managed to sneak something sweet into the box that looks quite unsuspicious: I caramelised some pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and pine nuts and am proud to say that none of her classmates nor the teacher detected it. So I at least got something new for her box. I have never really liked her teacher's "nothing sweet in the lunchbox" rule. I mean I agree with no chocolate spread or chocolate bars, but Little One eats lots of healthy foods and has lots of fruit and vegetables in her box every day. And anyway, nuts and seeds are really healthy and give lots of energy. Don't you agree?

I really like my caramelised seeds, I also use it as a snack at home or as a crunchy topping for my muesli.
So now that I have unveiled the forbidden ingredients can you tell me something else that is new in this box?


  1. Adorable--I just love the orange-purple carrots!

    1. Thanks. I am really glad I could find them here. My local market here is a rather sad affair, so I was over the moon when they started selling purple carrots. I wish they had the yellow ones as well-they add so much colour to the bento

  2. I love the carrots and the adorable feet. I see where the teacher is coming from...but hey - sometimes a treat is in order! ^^ I like the addition of nuts and seeds.