Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2012

Bento #15-I love baran

Finally I got to use some of my baran. They came with some cutter sets, but somehow I never used them. But as Little One lately has been having problems finishing her bento and her bento looks quite empty these baran worked just perfect and I just love their more traditional loook.

Little One doesn't have enough time to eat in school she says. So I have been reducing the amount of carrots as they take forever to eat and also the apples.She just loves carrots and apples and she used to take a whole sliced apple to school and finished the apple but didn't have time for the bread anymore. Healthy vitamins maybe but I don't think that only fruit and vegetable without any bread can give her the energy she needs for studying.
So the bentos I am making for her now always look a bit empty, but at least I don't need to throw away any unfinished food anymore. I have got a whole box with cutters and haven't even tried most of them yet.  It is difficult to  see what they actually are meant to be because our wholemeal bread isn't as regular and smooth as toast is.

Can you guess what the three bread cutouts are meant to be?

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