Donnerstag, Februar 02, 2012

Bento #14-Thai and Chinese style lunch

I am still busy with studying for my exam and haven't got much time to cook. So after a look into the fridge I opted for a quick stir fry: mushrooms, Oyster mushroom, peppers and bean sprouts with a garlic, sesame oil, Chinese five spice and oyster sauce and some fresh coriander. I also added some tofu and today's tofu was particular good. My local Asian supermarket produces its own fresh organic tofu, but its texture and flavour varies from time to time. This time it was incredibly soft and was melting on my tongue. More often than not I find myself cooking Thai and not Japanese food. After my time in Thailand I seem to be hooked on Thai jasmine rice and Thai stir fries. I only cook Japanese rice for sushi or if I prepare other Japanese food.
Doesn't my bento for tomorrow look really yummy?

This is actually another premiere: it is the first tie I am using my new White Circle Box. I started with a Pink Circle box and always regretted not having bought some more colours when Bento&co quite selling it and was really glad to find Casabento selling it. I picked the White box as it is much more flexible and can go with any furoshiki. And guess what? I am already thinking about getting another one. I don't have a turquoise on yer, nor a yellow one.Taking about turquoise boxes, I always wanted to get a turquoise Fresco box, oh, and I definitely need to get a White slim box. Oh, but first i need to get one of those bagel boxes.
Someone stop me-I cannot stop wanting more and more bento boxes. I am obsessed with bento boxes.

And here a little teaser: guess what I got today:

Yes, another Bento&Co delivery. More details coming up soon :-)

I still have so many new boxes and bento accessories that I haven't shown you yet. Maybe it would be the best if I just take some snapshots of my Bento shelves: First I only cleared parts of my book shelf for my bento stuff, but by now my bento stuff already has taken over half of my bookshelf.


  1. mhhh das sieht ja echt lecker aus und toll fotografiert^^

  2. Danke Dir! So ein Lob zum Foto freut mich.
    Es war schon dunkel, daher leider die Schatten vom künstlichen Licht. Ich kenne mich mit dem Fotografieren gar nicht aus und bin echt froh wenn ein Foto mal schön wird. So ein lob geht da runter wie Öl.
    Vor allem bei Nahaufnahmen streikt mein Foto. Ich würde gerne noch kleinere Details fotografieren, aber dann wird immer alles unscharf