Montag, Januar 16, 2012

Lucky winner: white Deligo onigiri box

December was a really busy and hectic month.And amidst all the deadlines, uni, work and Christmas preparations I took part in the Casabeno Giveaway and was the luck winner of a white Onigiri Box.
I was over the moon when I found out that I  won. Actually, I really love the Deligo design and have been wanting to get a  white Deligoo bagel box for ages and then surprise I win its sister the Deligoo onigiri box.

Casabento was really quick and I already got it in late December. I am really in love with this box-I even kept the packaging of the box because i like its design so much. The picture on the box is great because it shows how you can use the box.Inside there were even more pictures. There is a really nice glossy detailed onigiri recipe leaflet with nice little pictures.

The Deligoo box has two layers: there is the white glossy lower box, then next comes the second brown layer with a brown lid and finally the white upper part of the box. It feels nice and is much more glossy than I expected it to be.  The box is so pretty that I spent a lot of time just happily looking at it.


  1. Coole box, obwohl ich mich über rosa noch mehr gefreut hätte;) bin ja auf die erste füllung gespannt^^

    1. Ja,die in rosa war auch mein Favorit. Aber die weiße ist wirklich wunderschön, schöner als auf den Fotos. Aber ich denke ich habe im November und Dezember bei drei Giveaways gewonnen, zwei davon bei Casabento-da kann man sich echt nicht beschweren.
      Und ich mag weiße Bentoboxen. Habe mir demletzt erst eine weiße Cirle Box geholt, nachdem ich bei bentoundmehr die weißen Boxen so bewundert hatte.