Montag, Januar 16, 2012

Little One's new pink Bento Box Piggy

We just had the most amazing Secret Santa ever: fryda. And she really made Little One's Christmas by getting her her very first own bento box: the Pink Bento Box Piggy. It has two layers, a rubber strap, a divider and even some cute pink chopsticks. It is about 15x8cm and is just perfect for school.
Initially I was worried how she would cope with a two layer box or whether the plastic was durable but she gets on just fine and the material of the box seems to be quite resistant. And for Mums the layout of the  box is just perfect. No more sandwiches tasting like apple :-) No, there are two layers and I can evens separate the fruits with a divider. the only downside is that it doesn't come with a matching bento bag. So the past weeks Little One has been monopolizing my Kimono bento bag to carry her precious Pink Bento box Piggy.
I need to get that kid her own bento bag for Easter. Oh, and I have been thinking of getting another pretty two layer children's bento box. Mdes4u  has some cute ones and of course this doesn't mean indulging in my bento box addiction-no I mean I would be getting it for Little One for Easter, not for myself. But when I am already placing an order I just might  to save shipping fees place a little order for myself. I mean I cannot order only one box.

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