Montag, Januar 30, 2012

Kids love it sweet and colourful

During the last few weeks of grey and cold weather me and Little One somehow have taken comfort in making muffins. Baking together is a lot of fun with us and I can easily cater to her food dislikes: blueberry, raspberry muffins are all for me and she gets apple, carrot cake or chocolate muffins. Somehow winter calls for lots of cinnamon and other Christmas spices. I put cinnamon nearly in all our muffins. And we either use different  coloured paper muffin  containers and often also decorate hers with Gummibärchen and other sweets so they are easy to tell apart. I personally don't need any frosting or decoration( I find frosting rather to sweet), but Little One loves decorated muffins. And anyway with little means I achieve a big impact: a happy child with a big smile.
I don't really have the time during the week to go shopping for any special ingredients so we mostly improvise depending on what we have got in our pantry and on our mood. Right now I am hoked on raspberry chocolate muffins.

So I am curious: what muffins are you doing and what  is your favourite muffin recipe?


  1. soo bunt!! ^_^ jup ich steh auch total auf weihnachtliche gewürze aber ein richtige lieblingsrezept hab ich iwie trotzdem nich...

  2. Ich hab als letztes glaub ich Zupfkuchen-Muffins gemacht, die waren echt lecker und mal was neues :3