Dienstag, Januar 17, 2012

Bento #8-Stirfried egg noodles Korean style

  When I cam home from work today at 3pm I was starving. So I made a quick stir fry of egg noodles, mushrooms, sprouts , water chestnuts and eggs with my secret weapon: the Korean chili paste sauce. When I was still a student living in an international dormitory in London  in what seems ages ago, quite a few of my  roommates were either Japanese or Korean. I never had tried or even heard of Korean food before that.
I just love that sauce, it goes well with either rice or noodles and it isn't spicy at all (well at least compared to my birds eye chili Thai cooking), but has a rather sweet taste to it.  Anyway, eating it took me right back to my student days in London. Sometimes you eat something and it takes you right back into the past. I remember how back in the old days I threw away any moulded , strange coloured and or stinky stuff . My gosh, my Korean roommate was so pissed. She had a lot of gross stinky stuff that looked really rotten. It turned out she had tried making some homemade kimchee style veg in our fridge and it was supposed to smell like that. She never forgave me for doing that. Another one of my roommates was an American-Korean echange student and I was amazed that Koreans even eat pasta or pizza with kimchee. My English Pakistani freiend similarily siad that at home she ate pizza nd pasta with curry. Wow, now I have really lost the thread.
That Korean style noodles really made me remember the good old days.
 And yeahy-I had enough leftovers so I finally can take a grownup bento to uni tomorrow and can escape the salami, carrot and apple school bento world.


  1. Such an elegant and tasty bento, and I love the subtle contrast of box and pretty blue backdrop!

    1. Thanks. I really love your blog, by the way.I wish we had farmer markets like yours here.
      I am still finding it difficult getting good pictures of my bento.
      I only have a digital camera and taking closeups ist frustraing as they often get blurred and I cannot take any closeup details pics.