Montag, Januar 30, 2012

Bento #13- reminiscence of summer

Weather is grey and cold here and the weather forecast bears no good news either: they expect up to -20 degrees Celsius here. And anyway, I am stuck inside preparing for a big exam that is coming up.
So today I decided to treat myself to some nice summer inspired Italian bento. I think I really deserved it.
Actually it is the first time I have used this new box. After admiring Bentobird's box for ages I got lucky and found a used on eBay. It is a bit worn, but it still looks fine I think.

It features Gorgonzola ravioli, radicchio salad, courgette and oyster mushrooms  braised in honey , salt and white aceto balsamico, fennel Italian style and some mini mozzarella coated in honey and thyme.
I love fennel and raddicio but have used it for ages. After this delicious meal I think I am going to make some more radicchio and fennel dishes. Somehow writing this blog entry makes me crave some fennel risotto right now :-) Oh, I think  I must have the leftover ravioli and fennel now.

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