Montag, Januar 30, 2012

Bento #10 +#11 - Thank God for baran and food picks

Making school bento for my Little One every morning has become a routine and sometimes rather boring. I wish I could have more freedom and use tomatoes, cheese, berries,... But my Little One is perfectly content with her bentos. I guess it is like with their favourite story, kids do not get tired of having their favourite thing over and over.  Actually she doesn't want any food variety, she is perfectly happy simply choosing different cutter or food picks every day.
I guess I should be grateful that she is so easy to please, but by now I feel like crying: no more apples carrots and wholemeal bread anymore please.
The other day I kept looking at bento pics at another blog and particularly liked how you can pimp up a plain bento and add some colour by using baran. I have several kinds of baran at home, but somehow I never used them before.
Ok, so I can use baran and some new food picks, but come on I am going on a bento strike soon if she insists on bread, carrots and apples only.  Maybe I can sneak some variety into her bento without her realising it. When she was a baby I used all leftover vegetable side dishes  to make vegetable patties, maybe that will do the trick for her.

And here comes Bento #11 from the following day. Can you spot any difference?  I  hardly can. I cannot stand making carrot, apple and sausage bentos for her anymore. I want variation and more choice.


  1. Vegetable patties sound like a great idea. Have you tried different shapes for the sausages? My kids love the octopus and fish.