Dienstag, Januar 17, 2012

Bento #07- I still hate Salami, but at least she got a new box

My Little One still is a picky eater. I am still only doing bentos for her and not for myself.
But at least she is into bentos and eats some wholemeal bread and some fruits and veg every day-even though it always is the same one. To make things less dull for myself I at least make sure to buy many different varieties of apples and some 't know heirloom varieties. People who only eat the watery crisp apples from the supermarket don*'t know the variety of flavours and textures an apple can have. I also am a passionate gardener of heirloom vegetables, especially of heirloom tomatoes. But as tomatoes are on Little One's list of yuck food I at least buy colourful carrots at the market. My favourite ones are the purple ones. I also had some purple and red potatoes in the garden this year, but we already ate them all up.
Besides the colourful vegetables from the market I also gave Little One's second bento box a try. It is a red Hello Kitty box that i got her for Christmas. But after she already got her Pink Piggy Box from the Secret Santa parcel she didn't really bother to much about the box I got her. Even though she wanted to have just that Hello Kitty box somehow a two layer box with dividers, chopsticks and a bento strap is so much cooler for her. Maybe because for her it is more like a real grownup bento in that it is two layers and has a strap? Besides, somehow the layout of the Piggy box really is much more convenient and it seems I can fit much more food into it.

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