Montag, Januar 16, 2012

Bento #05 Mummy, I am not hungry

My Little One isn't the best eater. She is quite tall and skinny and only eats a bit every mealtime. Early mornings are hard for her and she always says: " Mommy, I am not hungry". so we made a deal. She gets a bento for school, but she has to eat the bread ad veg leftovers from cutting out her bento. That really works out fine. <i get her to have some breakfast and she loves watching me cut out her bento.
But we always have the same problem: it is really hard to get some variety into her bento, because she always keep on asking for the same bento.
I have seen really pretty bentos with bread sealers, cutters and stamps. We have tried it, but the toast slices won't seal. Plus I want my child to have a healthy meal and I am not comfortable having her eat toast every day. So she usually takes our favourite bread: wholemeal spealt bread with sunflower seeds. And always, always salami or sausages. I miss the days when she at least still liked eating cheese.

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