Montag, Januar 16, 2012

Bento #04- Little One got a new box

We had a really great Secret Santa this year around: fryda. Fyrda sent us lots of great gifts. But the gift that little One loved most definitely was a brand new pink two layer bento box. This was her ultimate Xmas gift this year and nobody was able to top it. Anyway, Little One insisted very convincingly I dare say :-) that I had to instantaneously had to make her a school bento in her new box-never mind it was Xmas break.
So this is Little One's first bento (breakfast) in her new box. It really is easy and fun to fill that box.It has two layers so I unusually fill one with fruits and the other one with bread and sausages. Plus it comes with a great divider. Little One just adores that box and proudly insists on having her school bento every day. Only that now I end up spending all time preparing her bento, instead of having breakfast myself or making myself a bent. But it is a joy to see that happy eyes.

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