Montag, Januar 16, 2012

Bento #03- quick autumn sandwich bento

This uni term has been passing so fast. Little One is a first grader now and I had big plans for always sending her of with a colourful bento every day. But then reality hit: our chronic lack of time and stress of working late and leaving home early. So this is a rather average bento that Little One got for her school break.
Back in autumn she didn't have a proper bento box yet.
I used her Lillifee box, ehich is pretty, but very bulky-so that her bento always ends up messy because everything is too loose. Her Lillifee box features little salami sandwiches, carrot flowers and gingko leaves and some apple. I like the autumn colours in it. I am just crazy about these sakura and gingko cutters and don't the yellow, red and purple carrots look fantastic?

However, I  really find it difficult and frustrating to make a nice bento for Little One:
The school rules say nothing sweet, not even a jam sandwich or a tiny cookie, nothing messy, no joghurt. Kids are not even are allowed to bring a cake for their own birthday( it is tradition in Germany that kindergarten and school kids celebrate their birthday at school by bringing along a home baked cake to share with the other kids). The teacher wants the kid to eat healthy and not get a sugar rush. She means well, but I find she really is going over the top.

But even worse, here come the Little One rules:
She won't eat category one(makes her throw up): tomatoes, bananas, sweet pepper,boiled eggs,  cheese, berries, broccoli(she only likes the broccoli stem and only if it is crispy), spicy food,...
So I always end up using bread, salami or mini wieners, apples,cucumber,  carrots. I am really at a loss of what to put into her bento and  I am really getting sick of packing the same apples slices and carrot sakura flowers every day. If any of you has a great idea what else I could pack for a change please let me know.

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