Samstag, Dezember 31, 2011

Happy New Year

This year has rushed so fast by -I cannot believe it already is the last day of the year.
In Swabia, we love our bakeries and varieties of bread, rolls and cakes. And the days before New Year is the season  when bakeries sell something really traditional : Neujahrsbrezeln.  They look somewhat like gigantic Brezels but they taste completely different to normal brezels and have no salt on it.
The dough is a yeast dough  similar to the one for Hefezopf and is slightly sweet, not salty and you can enjoy it with some butter. In the old days every family made their own Neujahrsbrezeln, but nowadays people buy it a their bakery or if they are "Reingeschmeckte" (people not born in Swabia) they often don't even know about this custom  For me the smell and taste of Neujahrsbrezeln is a taste of my childhood.
Today I remember how I loved making New Year's Brezels with my Mum so I decided to have a go at making some with my little princess. I have to admit that I am not on friendly terms regarding yeast dough as it seems to have a mind on its own and never looks like I want it to look and I am always afraid it might turn out really dry .
Actually it was really easy and plaiting the New Year's Brezel was fun. We started in the middle and I did one side and Little Princess did the other side.
Even though it doesn't look perfect at all we were really proud of our first Neujahrsbrezeln . My Neujahrsbrezel actually is a bit on the small side because I don't want to eat the same Brezel for days(like we had  to in our childhood) so I only used 500 gram of flour instead of a whole kilo and went for three little ones instead of just one gigantic one.
So with the sweet smell of childhood baking wafting through our flat I am wishing you a Happy New Year-may it bring you peace and happiness and lots of culinary adventures.


  1. This looks perfect with golden brown color! Happy New Year to you and may it fills you with great joy!

  2. I wish you a belated happy new year! Your pretzels look really delish!