Samstag, November 05, 2011

Comfort food: pumpkin soup with ginger

I just love pumpkins. And when it is cold and miserable outside and I had a stressful week I crave comfort food. And what is better than a bowl of steaming warm soup.
My week was hectic, my little one wasill and I haven't been for groceries yet. So it's a typical let's improvise with what we got- and 'please, I need some comfort food' day.
When I opened the fridge there was half a butternut pumpkin from my garden, loads of carrots and some garlic bread. So I opted for one of my favourites in this time of the year pumpkin soup with ginger.I usually just use pumpkin without adding carrots,but as we had loads of carrots I just changed it. That is what I love about this soup- it is very versatile.When it is grey and cold outside this soup makes me feel warm and cosy.

You need :
pumpkin ( I love Butternut or Hokkaido for soups)
onion cut in small dices
garlic sliced
fresh ginger peeled and grated
some olive oil
organic vegetable broth
double cream

If you are not using a Hokkaido cut the pumpkin into quarters, cut off the skin and use a table spoon to remove the pumpkin  seeds. Cup the pumpkin into small chunks.

Gently brown the onion and garlic in a saucepan. Add the pumpkin, water, vegetable broth, salt and grated gingr and cover with a lid.

When the pumpkin  is done puree it with a  blender.Add the cream and season according to taste.

What makes this soup so special  and warming is the ginger without it it would be just like any other pumpkin soup-so use some good fresh one and not the powdered one.
And then there is the  little extra you add right at the end. I personally love adding just a drop of Orange Flower Water, be careful not too add too much as it is very strong in flavour. In summer I love adding  some basil pesto instead and in winter I love adding  pumpkin seed oil instead. You even could add some orange juice . This soup always makes me smile no matter how busy my day has been. Perfect for cold foogy November days.

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