Mittwoch, November 09, 2011

cold November days and cupecake giveaway

So what is inside?

Up to today we had a wondeful warm golden autumn.But today November showed its true clours: a foggy and grey day and so chilly that I regretted not wearing any gloves. So it hasn't been a particulary great day. But something cheered me up anyway. I am the locky winner of A76's Cupcake Giveaway. Normally I am not the lucky type and never win anything. But this time I did. Yeah! A big thanks to the generous A76. She is so generous thaton her own birthday instead of getting gifts she  had this great giveaway for her followers.
The giveaway prizes look really pretty on her blog and me and my little princess have been anxiously waiting the last cpuple of days for the parcel to arrive. And guess what, just when I wanted to leave to pick up my little one the post guy came and brought a tiny parcel. It was already getting dark so the picture isn't really good. My little princess went Laterne laufen today and strictly told me not to open the parcel till tomorrow.
I am not good at waiting, especially as A76 told me that she added some small extras when for Little Princess. So I guess you have to be patient like me and wait till tomorrow for pics from what was inside the parcel.
So whar was inside? Find out here:

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