Sonntag, August 21, 2011

Sommerwichteln-Update: Secret Santa gifts finally revealed

As everyone has got their Secret Santa gifts I can reveal what I got for Nini:
My favourite box from Bento&Co-I love its traditional and elegant style, some bamboo picks and mix of blueberry and leaf picks, some matching red and black silcone cups for the box, Furikake, a purple silicone cup and a sakura cutter and finally some seeds for Chinese Chives and Oriental Greens.Nini had said that she likes traditional bento and not kawaii stuff, that she loves purple and from her blog I know that she loves growing edible flowers in her litle garden for her bentos.
It was so much fun being a Secret Santa, spying what she might like and getting the gifts for her.
I was so nervous whether she would like her Secret Santa gifts-but I can be relieved-she blogged about it and already has used her new box.
You can check out her report and some pics of  my Secret Santa on her blog Secret Santa for Nini .

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