Freitag, Juli 08, 2011

Bento #01: Lazy leftovers

This isn't really my first ever bento, but one the first ones I took a picture of.
So here is a typical last minute leftovers bento. I used left over pasta to make a quick improvised Mediterranean  pasta salad with red and yellow cherry tomatoes, mini mozzerella, basil  and fried yellow courgettes from my garden.
I just love those yellow courgettes, their bright yellow for me just epitomises summer. This summer once again I am experiencing a true courgette harvest flood. One of my favourite recipes for courgettes is to make courgette "Pfannkuchen". They are somewhat more substantial than the light French crepes using more egg but without  any baking soda that American pancakes do. They look really pretty when you use lots of grated green courgette, a generous amount of herbs de Provence and some fresh basil adding it withto the dough. Next time I make them I will take a picture for you. Plus they really taste good  eaten cold straight out of the bento box.
As there is no end of courgettes in sight do you have an creative idea how to use courgettes for bentos?

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  1. Ah jetzt auch mit Translate das find ich gut! Viel Erfolg mit deinem Blog Süße! ^_^