Freitag, Juli 08, 2011

Bento #02: Beginnings beginnings

You might wonder at the title. It is not that I am entirely new to bentos. By now I have accumulated quite a bit of bento treasures. But so far I have been lacking  the discipline to make time for taking pictures and uploading them instead of hurrying  off to uni or munching away the bento straightaway.
I just love the colours of bento cups. And the cute sauce cups and food picks the vibrant colour of my  pink Circle bento box or the elegance and quality of my Oyju box. Even though I don't get to prepare bentos as often yet as I would like to, just looking at my treasures all carefully laid out on a extra self I cannot help but smile and feel a maternal like affection for my bento stuff. It is crazy isn't it?  You might want to come along watching how my bento gear obsession grows even worse :-) And maybe you will follow me as I make my first steps in the great world of bento, moving away from the last minute left over noodle bentos to an exciting world of new flavours and textures.


  1. lovely! Isn't bentoing a wonderful hobby? <3

  2. Ach Gott auf englisch und das so kurz vorm Semesterende. *lach*

    Danke für dein Kommi, Bento&co ist echt klasse. <3 War der erste Shop wo ich bestellt habe. :D

    Zu deinem Blog: Ich finde das Layout grundsätzlich ganz hübsch, allerdings finde ich die beiden Sidebars etwas unleserlich. :/ Thematisch kann man noch nicht großartig was sagen, aber bisher ists natürlich supi. ;)

  3. Versuche es jetzt mal ne Weile auf deutsch-hoffe das gefällt euch besser.